Mythical Mondays : Image

Mythical Mondays

Mythical Mondays is a weekly animated gif project started by Creative Director, ...
Nat Geo Wild : Image

Nat Geo Wild

As the younger and wilder sibling in the National Geographic family, Nat Geo ...
Our Grid : Image

Our Grid

Delivering More Than Power When Arizona based agency, Cramer-Krasselt, ...
Fridge-A-Thon 3 : Image

Fridge-A-Thon 3

To save on your energy bill – and avoid an uprising of sentient, ...
The Last Ship : Image

The Last Ship

To promote Sting’s New Broadway musical, The Last Ship, we were presented an ...
Maryland Lottery : Image

Maryland Lottery

A few concept frames and character designs from a recently and very fun pitch:
Yule Log of Love : Image

Yule Log of Love

Director and animator, Greg Gunn, was invited to participate in a group ...
Room 237 : Image

Room 237

ROOM 237 is a subjective documentary that explores the theories and potentially ...
Core Values : Image

Core Values

Blind lives by 10 Core Values that embody the culture and spirit of our ...
BP ‘Runners’ : Image

BP 'Runners'

Ogilvy/London invited director Greg Gunn to pitch on a unique spot advertising ...