The Cinematic Orchestra
  • A Little Taste of Lilac Wine

    Dr. Martens is celebrating their 50th anniversary, and Blind was invited to join the party. Dr. Martens asked 10 artists to record their version of a cult classic track that represents the spirit of the people who’ve worn DM’s over the past 50 years. One of the songs selected was Cinematic Orchestra’s rendition of the classic, “Lilac Wine,” made popular in the early 90s by Jeff Buckley.  Blind was asked to direct the video, which would not include talent, but was given no other creative parameters.

    Inspired by Spencerian Calligraphy, Vanessa directed a piece of moving visual poetry comprised of delicate lines. The lines extend and intertwine to form a variety of unique landscapes,populated by various incarnations of the lost lover of the song, including a bird, a fish, a butterfly and a horse.

    Come and taste the wine. Also, check out the AIGA article.

  • Client

    • Agency: Exposure USA
    • Creatives: Tom Phillips, Jason Swinscoe
    • Producer: Carrie Schupper


    • Executive Creative Director: Chris Do
    • Director: Vanessa Marzaroli
    • Production Company: Blind
    • Creative Director: Vanessa Marzaroli
    • Executive Producer: Dave Kleinman
    • Post Producer: Dana Vaden
    • Designers: Lynn Cho, Matthew Encina, Daniel Chang, Chris Oneill, Michael Relth, Lawrence Wyatt, Vanessa Marzaroli
    • 2D Animators: Chris Oneil, Daniel Chang, Michael Relth, Maithy Tran, Jiaren Hui, Lawrence Wyatt, Vanessa Marzaroli
    • 3D Animators: Lawrence Wyatt, Michael Relth, Ehren Addis, Daniel Chang, Chris Oneill, Chris Marcet
    • Storyboard Artist: Vincent Lucido
    • Illustrator: Calligrapher: Bill Kemp; Illustrator: Lynn Cho, Daniel Chang, Chris Oneill, Michael Relth, Vanessa Marzaroli
    • Editor: Vanessa Marzaroli, Chris Oneill
    • Music: The Cinematic Orchestra: Jason Swinscoe


    • Fonts/Type: hand written Spencerian Script, calligrapher: Bill Kemp


    • 63rd Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Award: Individual Achievement in Art Direction: London International Award: Gold; Red Stick International Animation Festival: Gold + Baton D'or; Type Directors Club (TDC57): Pixie 2012: Platinum
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