Core Values

Blind lives by 10 Core Values that embody the culture and spirit of our company. They are more than just mottos, or rules, or bullet points – they’re beliefs. If you’ve ever walked through our front door then you’ll know what I mean.

In order to celebrate these values, I created 10 animated mini films. Each one interprets and illustrates a single Core Value in a fun and unexpected way.

Read more about our beloved Core Values at

– Greg


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    this. makes. me. SO. happy.
    naked running man!
    opera singing!
    kinsler’s beard cameo!

    awesome job greg and the DLB music is perfect!

  2. Finally. All 10 are done! Yay!!

  3. Kelsey

    I really believe this specific post , “Core Values | BL:ND”, really entertaining
    and it was indeed a very good read. Regards-Ingeborg

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