Justin Timberlake


He’s got us “Lovestoned”

Justin Timberlake and Blind make beautiful music together.

After the award winning success of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, director, Robert Hales and Vanessa Marzaroli, again teamed up to create a visually stunning music video that pulsates and vibes. This bi-continental HSI production began with filming on location in Manchester, England while Justin Timberlake was on his European concert tour. Vanessa quickly whisked the green screen footage back here to BL:ND in Santa Monica, CA and began its transformation. After working for 17 days straight with a team of 7 animators, Vanessa was able to create a rhythmic visual narrative interpreting the music and lyrics of contemporary pop’s leading man.

  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_01.jpg
  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_exploration_01.jpg
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  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_behind_the_scenes.jpg