Justin Timberlake


He’s got us “Lovestoned”

Justin Timberlake and Blind make beautiful music together.

After the award winning success of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, director, Robert Hales and Vanessa Marzaroli, again teamed up to create a visually stunning music video that pulsates and vibes. This bi-continental HSI production began with filming on location in Manchester, England while Justin Timberlake was on his European concert tour. Vanessa quickly whisked the green screen footage back here to BL:ND in Santa Monica, CA and began its transformation. After working for 17 days straight with a team of 7 animators, Vanessa was able to create a rhythmic visual narrative interpreting the music and lyrics of contemporary pop’s leading man.

  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_01.jpg
  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_exploration_01.jpg
  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_exploration_02.jpg
  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_exploration_03.jpg
  • http://www.blind.com/assets/uploads/2007/06/Justin_behind_the_scenes.jpg

Discuss (8)

  1. Luis

    Every-time I see this video I think its an ad. The ending does save it though, since the pacing is fairly fast and constant from the beginning. I still think the Jet music video is Blind at its best.

  2. Which Jet video?

  3. adrian salamunovic

    One of the best videos of 2008. Good work guys.

  4. Gyorfi

    This video is so great, I was always wondering who made it.

    Did you use After Effects, and maybe some of the trapcode pluggins?

  5. ana

    this video is so brilliant it makes the music bearable

  6. pablo

    @Gyorfl: They list what they used on the right … Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Shake, Maya, 3DS Max, Avid, Flame

  7. alen Hakoopian

    I now found who made this music video, great job guys, I like the design concept and I am a big fan of Justin Timberlake, because he reminds me when I was young, also I remeber Justin watching me battle some guy on the dance floor of a club and when I stood next to him shook his hand and then I realized its Justin, but back then he was a regular guy like me I could relate to him because I have similiar characterasitics.
    I wish my steps will lead me to be famouse like him because I got alot of talent in me and Im working hard to meet people who can guide me to showcase my work. I would love to work with blind one day to show case my work..I got some videos on youtube.com/alendesigns feel free to send me your comments.. Invite me to your events I would love to be there and see what you guys do.. Email me alendesigns@yahoo.com Try to live life and find my perpose…Call me

  8. James Stricto

    Loved this peace of work, seems like a talented crew crunched some hours for this puppy, excellent work.
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