Witches of East End

  • Lifetime reached out to us to create excitement for their new television series, Witches of East End. This animated piece tells the story of a cat coming into town, stirring up trouble and restarting the endless cycle of death and rebirth. A curse the Beauchamp women have been trying to escape for endless generations.

  • Client

    • Agency: Lifetime
    • Creatives: Jennifer Ferguson, Vedia Ayvaz


    • Executive Creative Director: Chris Do
    • Production Company: Blind
    • Creative Director: Matthew Encina
    • Executive Producer: Dave Kleinman
    • Post Producer: Amy Knerl, Bridget Carroll
    • Art Director: Lawrence Wyatt
    • Designers: Belinda Rodriguez, Sara Shin, Sang Chung, Jae Yoo
    • 2D Animators: Isaac Park, Lawrence Wyatt, Christian Argueta, Skazami
    • Storyboard Artist: Cheryl B Johnson
    • Matte Painters: Erik D. Martin
    • Director Of Photography: Chris Oniell